Adoption Success Stories


Jack Has Landed on All Four Paws!!

Hi Cathy and Leslie,

I just wanted to write and say hello — we’ve had Jack now for nearly four months and he’s just the absolute best. He’s treasured and loved by our whole family and I honestly can’t imagine how we survived without him. He’s pampered beyond belief and totally rules the house — whatever Jack wants, Jack gets!
He seems thoroughly happy here with us and he sleeps with my husband and I every night — he mostly sleeps on my side, on a pillow next to my face, and some mornings I wake up with him pressed against my cheek. Don’t tell anyone, but he and I are best pals and I know he loves me most (the kids would shout in protest about this statement).
He chases the girls around the living room when they play, like a puppy who just wants in on the fun, and he enjoys watching the birds and neighbor cat in her next door window from our living room window.
We love him so much and are so grateful to you all for taking such good care of him and giving him so much love until we could find each other. I’m sending a few pictures of this good guy and hope you’re all doing well.
All the best,