Adoption Success Stories

A Wonderful Facebook Review About Missy’s Adoption

Thank you, Terri!!

We love it when someone appreciates all we are trying to do for each animal and then actually says it. It feels good to receive these notes! And we are sooooo happy to hear how Missy is doing, that makes us all smile big smiles.

Bubba ~ Or Why Stopping to Render Help Matters

OK, Ms. Rhonna, my moms said you wanted to know about my story. I don’t ‘member much before my moms found me accept that I was kept in a place that wasn’t clean and smelled really bad. Some how I got out and away from that bad place.Bubba
I was laying by the side if the road one day, because I didn’t feel good, and then these two ladies stopped their truck. I knowz I was really skinny, my tummy hurt, and I didn’t smell good at all, but for some reason they smiled at me, they cared; it mattered.

They took me to the Hawthorne Animal Hospital, the people at the hospital were really nice, they let one of the ladies feed me something called beggin strips, I like those A LOT. The kind vet said to give me food but only in small amounts since I wasn’t used to eating. The ladies left me there that night so I could have something called an IV put in my leg. I needed fluids that wouldn’t make me sick. I was ‘fraid, but I was warm, and kind people cared for me.

The next day the ladies came back and I went to their house. They petted me and gave me food and water and lots of toys.  Not to mention a whole lot of antibiotic baths for my wounds. They called me Bubba. I am really happy now that I live with my moms and my two legged brother and sister and my uncle. They take really good care of me. They say that sometimes I ride on the short bus, but then they laughs and give me hugs and say they love me. I tell you a secrets I love them too.


Barney & Sister ~  Meant for Each Other

Life can be so wonderful when you find your best friend in the world! The happy pair in the photo are Barney and Sister, who as their mom Doris said, “We’ve never had a set of dogs so meant for each other.”

Barney was adopted from Bannock Humane Society two years ago in August 2015 as a puppy; Sister was adopted in June 2017. They have a super backyard and are enjoying their new life with a loving family.

Thank you, Doris for sharing the photo.

Cha-Cha’s Story of Hope & Happiness

Cha-Cha is a very special cat who came into the Bannock Humane Society one Wednesday night in May 2017.        Dr. Haymore of Alpine Animal Hospital diagnosed Cha-Cha with FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, bundled him up and took him to be treated. The remainder of the story you can read HERE. Spoiler … you’ll need a Kleenex.

Spreading Delight and Love ~ Ziggy’s New Life

        or One Dog and a Wedding

It is very nice to hear from you! Ziggy is still named Ziggy and she is a highlight of our lives. We recently got married and she joined in the festivities! There were six little kids there and they followed her around everywhere.  The entire week she was absolutely the perfect dog (as always).  Everyone fell in love with her and they suddenly all (including the people who don’t really like dogs) understood why we just don’t like to go anywhere without her.  The wedding was down in Moab and while we were adventuring she went through a slot canyon and absolutely loved it! I really think she liked seeing something different.  Now that we are back in Victor, things have settled back down into a routine and she has been working on her ball catching skills and adventuring through the Tetons and Big Holes.  She loves the trail and has perfect trail etiquette.  Ziggy keeps the ground squirrels on their toes, that’s for sure! She is loving and generous and always there with a big kiss or a snuggle. We really don’t know what we did without her! She is making us adventure in places we never thought of going before and she is the best companion when Andy is gone on long work trips.  Ziggy is our girl!