Adoptable Cats and Dogs

Update on Romeo

Hi, my name is Romeo and I was found roaming the hills in MInk Creek. I am very sweet and loving, and I have an exciting update for you.




I now have a loving home!!


I was adopted by loving people and look at me now, owning the couch! Thank you Bannock Humane Society for helping me to come home!!






Update on Shadow

My name is Shadow and Romeo and I were together in the Foster Program at the Bannock Humane Society. I am so happy for Romeo, but guess what, I have a loving home now, too!!

I’m a little fuzzy in my photo, but life’s been a whirlwind. However, you can see I am King of the bedroom, and how have snuggles and a warm place to sleep.






And … check out my very own rocking chair!! I love, being loved. 





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