Adoption Success Stories

Lady Comes Home At Last

For weeks, my wife and I drove past a chocolate Labrador retriever on our way to work. She was always trotting alongside the road in the same place at that time of the morning. We assumed she belonged to one of the houses nearby. We were wrong.

A few days after we stopped seeing her, we learned that she had been rescued by our neighbors, the Angle’s, from the Bannock Humane Society. Her name was Lady, and she needed a new home. But she needed the right home. Lady was very shy and fearful.

We bumped into the Angles one day on a walk around our neighborhood and officially met Lady for the first time. After a brief visit for pets, we parted ways. But within a few steps, my wife and I looked at each other and didn’t need to say a word; the feeling was obvious and mutual, Lady was a missing part of our family that we hadn’t known was missing until that day.

Lady had been abused. She cowered at the slightest noise or arm motion. It took slow, quiet movements and nearly two weeks of sleeping on the floor with her each night to begin to prove that we could be trusted. We even discovered that she had been shot when telltale black dots showed up on X-rays; it was bird-shot. The sweetest, gentlest dog who never made an aggressive move or sound all the years we knew her had experienced a hard life before she entered ours.

We went everywhere together, hiking, camping, road trips… She never wanted to leave our sides. Even when she would go outside for a ‘bathroom’ need, she’d come straight back to the door if we didn’t go out with her. Because my wife took a consulting job that allowed her to work from home, Lady always had one of us nearby. We were the closest threesome imaginable. We sometimes called her our Velcro dog. She followed us everywhere in the house, and she had to be in whatever room we were in, including the bathroom!

After six years of friendship, she succumbed to a degenerative spinal condition. Now there’s a void in our lives that will never be filled. We’re better people for knowing her and still strive to be worthy of her love each day.    Shawn & Trudy Bearden