Bannock Humane Society Services


 Animal Abuse or Investigation

If the animal you are concerned about is within Pocatello City limits, notify the city animal shelter at 208.234.6156. A city animal control officer can investigate and take action as needed.

If the animal you are concerned about is out of the city limits, but within Bannock County, notify the Sheriff’s office at 208.236.7111.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance for animal illness or injury is available on a limited basis.


Education including speakers for groups, handouts for children, classes about responsible pet guardianship, need and reasons for spay or neuter of all companion animals, and the link between violence towards animals and violence towards people.

Foster Program & Re-Homing Animals

Foster program for homeless animals.  BHS does not keep any animals at our building.  All our animals are kept in foster homes.

Important Note: The BHS cannot accept cats, kittens, dogs or puppies from people who want to release or abandon an animal. All animals must be accepted into the Foster Program with the approval of the Foster Coordinator, and with the continued support of the person releasing the animal to house and feed the animal. Releasing an animal into the care of strangers must be performed in a responsible manner and with appropriate protocols.

BHS makes every effort to find foster care for homeless and stray animals.  We also try to help take in animals needing training or other assistance from the shelter. Volunteers are always needed to help with this need.

We work with people who are looking for a new home for their animal by asking them to be a temporary foster home, these essential Caregivers keep the animal and work with us to find a home.  We also work in this same capacity with people who have litters of puppies and kittens for adoption.  We require the mother to be spayed for these litters to be supported.

Any of our foster animals can be shown at the monthly Adoption Day and are available for adoption between the monthly events via phone calls or email:

Shot Clinic

Shot clinic for Foster Animals and Healthy Pet Campaign animals ONLY is every Wednesday night from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the BHS building.  BHS Does Not offer booster shots or shots to animals without spay & neuter services. The Bannock Humane Society Does Not  provide rabies shots. Booster shots and rabies vaccinations must be provided by your veterinarian.

Food Distribution

Food distribution of donated pet food to those in need, as it is available.  We require animals getting assistance to be spayed & neutered.  People may make donations of pet food and those in need may pick up pet food on the 3rd Wednesday of the month between 6:30 – 7:00 p.m.

WalMart, Petco, the Idaho Food Bank and the public have kindly donated pet food for this program.  Food is limited and we reserve the right to limit quantities based on need.