Adopt A Furry Friend

Before You Adopt a Cat or Dog 

Adopting a new pet is a wonderful decision, and the Bannock Humane Society is certainly going to do all we can to assist you in choosing a pet which will happily fit into your family. Bringing home a new pet carries a number of important responsibilities, before you take the next step please ask yourself:

  • Do I have time for a cat or dog? Cats and dogs are social animals who thrive on companionship, yes, even cats. Dogs and cats need to be with you, not stuck on the end of a chain, or left alone in the house, or always in the backyard. Are you home enough to interact with your new pet, take them on walks, or sit and provide a lap for a snuggle? You should plan on keeping and caring for your pet for his/her entire life.
  • Am I prepared for possible problems related to bringing a new pet into my home? Moving into a new home can be frightening for dogs and cats, and they may need special attention during the transition into a new family.  Check out Dumbfriends League at for tips on handling behavioral problems related to the transition into your family.
  • Do I know what breed or type of cat or dog is best for me and my temperament? Investigate breed characteristics/personalities before adopting to try to find the best match for you. Animals are just like people, they also have definite personalities, preferences, habits, and activity levels. Be thoughtful in choosing a new pet who is a great fit with your personality and expectations.
  • Can I pay for veterinary care?  Your cat or dog  will need regular, professional medical care, vaccines, dental care, and compassion. Just like people need a routine visit to the doctor or dentist, so will your new pet to maintain their health and happiness. Be sure you can budget for this yearly expense.

Now the exciting part – Take a look at the Adoptable Cats and Dogs currently available….

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