Special Needs Animals

Homes for Our Special Needs Animals 

From time to time the Bannock Humane Society fosters animals who have Special Needs. The animal might have a communicable disease such as Feline AIDS or Feline Leukemia (FELV). These diseases are not a problem for humans, but are dangerous in the cat population. Other animals might be elderly and have health issues. These special needs animals want to be loved and cared for just like any other living being.

Please call 208.232.0371 to inquire about adopting a special needs cat or dog.

Meet Clem

Clem, an older, senior fellow, was found in a local trailer park in extremely poor health. Clem was malnourished, and bleeding, but so loving and gentle. Over several days with food, warmth and medical care he improved. Clem will receive the utmost care and love in a foster home during the remainder of the time he has as a hospice cat.

The photo shows Clem resting on soft blankets at the BHS Building.

Meet Buddy

Pete, a BHS volunteer, gently cradles Buddy on the way to the Hawthorne Veterinary Hospital.

Sometimes dire events cause an animal to be injured. On the evening of Saturday, February 4, 2023, Buddy was found lying in a snow bank by a good samiritan after being hit by a car.

Volunteers from the Bannock Humane Society rushed Buddy to the Hawthorne Veterinary Hospital for emergency care and were informed he may not make it though the night.

Buddy had surgery to reattach his fractured pelvic bone and is currently being hospitalized for a few days.

Buddy resting following surgery at the Veterinary hospital.

Following his recovery, Buddy will be placed in a foster home and hopefully find his forever home.