Donations are the life-line of a non-profit organization!!

Without donations, both large and small, the Bannock Humane Society is unable to:

  • Provide free food to needy companion animals
  • Purchase vaccines for low-cost health shots
  • Maintain a low-cost Spay / Neuter Program
  • Offer a Foster Program to assist in the rehoming and rescue of cats and dogs
  • And … yes, keep the lights on!!

Here are some of the heroes who through their efforts, kindness, and fore-sight Help-Us … Help Them!!

Leavitt Family Food Drive

The Bannock Humane Society celebrates the kindness and energy of Shannon Leavitt, who with her family, organize a community food drive for the animals every year at Albertsons! Shannon greets shoppers at the door to request they purchase a bag of food for the animals, and kind people respond by filling the baskets!

The BHS is deeply grateful for everyone who participates: Shannon first and formost for recognizing the need for cat & dog food during the winter months. Shannon embodies the BHS philosophy of Helping Us .. Help Them!

Albertsons for participating every year to assist in the food drive. Thank you! The kindness of Albertsons’ shoppers who purchase bags and cans of food. As well as: cat litter, dog treats and toys. The Leavitt Family and BHS Volunteers in the restocked food room.

The Food Program at the BHS assists people who are unable to feed their cats and dogs. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, Janet and her crew of volunteers provides food so that our furry family do not suffer hunger. Shannon Leavitt’s food drive fills the shelves! Thank you, Shannon for all you do!!