Bannock Humane Society 2019 Schedule of Events

Keep up the the Bannock Humane Society throughout the year with the 2019 Schedule of Events. For a printable copy Click Here.

Winter Food Donation

Shannon Levitt and her daughter Lindsey organize and conduct a pet food drive at Albertson’s on South 4th & Benton and then donate the food to the Bannock Humane Society.

They greet shoppers as they arrive at Albertson’s and kindly ask that they purchase pet food for the Bannock Humane Society. It is a wonderful exercise in kindness, generosity and compassion as evidenced in the photo below of the pet food donated. The food will be distributed to needy animals throughout Bannock County during the cold winter months, hopefully keeping pets healthy and fed, and assisting pet owners who are faced with paying heating bills or feeding the family.

Thank you Shannon and Lindsey for this amazing and wonderful community service which Helps Us…Help Them!!!

Pet Food Donation December 2018. Organized by Shannon & Lindsey Levitt. Thank you to everyone who donated!!