John Dotson Memorial Thank You

John Dotson Memorial Certificate Program

Helping Us …. Help Them!!

The John Dotson Memorial Certificate Program was an important donation made within our local community to provide spaying and neutering for animals in Bannock and Power counties.

The program has been concluded with the expenditure of the funding and the Bannock Humane Society extends a heartfelt thank you to the John Dotson Family for their thoughtful donation.

Over the course of three years the John Dotson Memorial made a tremendous impact on the health and welfare of 1, 026 cats and dogs.

The yearly totals are listed below:

2016 – 406

2017 – 423

2018 – 197

Each year required the dedicated involvement of both the Alpine Veterinary Hospital and the Hawthorne Veterinary Hospital to manage and provide the highest level of care for each animal.

Also, Wednesday nights as people arrived at the BHS building to purchase their low cost spaying and neutering certificates they were met by the BHS volunteers who were so diligent in filling out the certificates for everyone. Many, many volunteers offered their time to make this important program a success.

A sincere thank you to everyone who assisted in ensuring the John Dotson Memorial Certificate program was a success: veterinaries, volunteers and especially the John Dotson Family. Yes, donations truly have an impact!! The John Dotson Memorial Helped Us …. Help Them!!

Announcing New Spay / Neuter Program Fees

Effective July 1, 2018 the fees for the spay / neuter program have changed. The fee for cats is now $65.00, and for dogs $85.00. The BHS will no longer be offering spay / neuter certificates, but will provide lower costs for everyone.

The new fees continue to provide the spay / neuter surgery, three vaccinations / health shots, and rabies shot. The veterinary choices  continue to be Alpine Animal Hospital and Hawthorne Animal Hospital.

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