COVID-19 Information

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Pawsitive News! Bannock Humane Society Receives Grants from Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals

The Bannock Humane Society has received an important grant from the Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals to assist with adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We want to offer shelters a lifeline and encourage adoptions and fosters for the animals in their care. In many cities, animal shelters are considered essential services, but their resources are stretched and the only solution they may have is to euthanize animals and lay off their workers. We can’t let this happen.”, said Cathy. Please Click Here for full Story!

Bokie’s Story

Meet Bokie ~  Even though I can’t check myself out in the mirror because I am blind it doesn’t shake my confidence. I am a sweet lover who wants to play, snuggle, and just be a happy go lucky cat. Read Bokie’s story here:

Bannock Humane Society 2020 Schedule

The 2020 schedule of events for the BHS is now available. Please click here to keep track of all our activites throughtout the year including: Wednesday Night Shot Clinics, Membership Meetings, Rabies Clinic in May 2020, Adoption Days, and Special Events. Click here for a printable copy of the 2020 Schedule: BHS 2020 Schedule.