Bannock Humane Society ReOpening

Spay / Neuter Program ReOpens

The BHS Spay / Neuter Program is reopening on March 1, 2021.

Due to COVID concerns the Bannock Humane Society cannot safely bring people or their companion animals into the BHS Building for the Spay / Neuter Program due to the risk of community spread. Also, keeping the BHS volunteers safe to continue helping animals after the virus has been controlled is an important concern. Consequently, No Shots will be done at BHS until at least May 1, 2021 when we hope to open the Curbside Spay / Neuter Pogram again.

The good news is: Beginning on March 1, 2021 online registration for the Spay / Neuter Program will begin.

You will download a registration form and mail the form with the registration fee to the BHS. When the registration form and fee are received, a volunteer will contact you to make arrangements to take your cat(s) or dog(s) directly to the veterinary.

Click here for information and registration form!

The Glenn Perkins Certificate Program continues for spaying and neutering cats. Please call the BHS at: 208.232.0371 for information.