Donate to the Bannock Humane Society

The Bannock Humane Society needs your support! Without our grassroots support BHS will be unable to offer the low-cost vaccinations and spay / neutering programs at the heart of our program.

Now it is easier to support us by using the PayPal link your donation will be sent directly to the Bannock Humane Society.

Remember whenever you shop through to select the Bannock Humane Society as your designated donation. It will carry our programs forward and assist in the health of many animals in need.

Food Donations

Any financial support for food or food donations are always greatly appreciated!

We never seem to have enough cat food or cat litter for all those foster cats and kittens we feed, can you buy a bag of food or litter and donate it?  Don’t forget our foster dogs also show up at dinner time with an Oliver Twist: “Sir, can I have more, Please?”  Your thoughtfulness and help would be appreciated.