Shot Clinic Fees

Announcing New Spay / Neuter Program Fees

Effective July 1, 2018 fees for the spay / neuter program have changed. The fee for cats has been lowered from $80.00 to $65.00, and for dogs from $100.00 / $130.00 to $85.00.

The new fees continue to provide the spay / neuter surgery, three vaccinations / health shots, and a rabies shot. The veterinary choices  continue to be Alpine Animal Hospital and Hawthorne Animal Hospital.

Click Here for a printable BHS Program Fees Schedule


Program / Shot Clinic Fees

The Bannock Humane Society, and the veterinaries who work with us, are dedicated to promoting a long, healthy life for your family cat or dog. Program fees cover immunizations and spaying / neutering surgeries. Additional charges may be incurred if your pet is pregnant, overweight, or is an older animal. Alpine Veterinary Hospital may charge up to $40.00 extra for animals designated as mature, which is over six (6) months.

Please click Veterinary Fees 2018 for a printable fee schedule including a list of additional charges.

Immunizations are only paired with the spaying / neutering surgeries. Booster vaccinations must be provided by your veterinarian. The Bannock Humane Society Does Not provide rabies shots.

Fees for immunizations and spaying & neutering as of July 1, 2018:

  • $65.00 Cats
  • $85.00 Dogs (Fee applies to both Alpine Animal Hospital & Hawthorne Animal Hospital)

Please note: Changes in fees do periodically occur. Please call the Bannock Humane Society at 208.232.0371 if you have questions.