Shot Clinic Fees

Program / Shot Clinic Fees

The Bannock Humane Society and the veterinaries who work with us are dedicated to promoting a long, healthy life for your family cat or dog. Program fees cover immunizations and spaying / neutering surgeries. Additional charges may be incurred if your pet is pregnant or overweight, or is an older animal. Alpine Veterinary Hospital may charge up to $40.00 extra for animals designated as mature, which is over six (6) months.

Please click Veterinary Fees 2018 for a printable fee schedule including a comparison of additional charges.

Immunizations are only paired with the spaying / neutering surgeries. Booster vaccinations must be provided by your veterinarian. The Bannock Humane Society Does Not provide rabies shots.

Fees for immunizations and spaying & neutering:

  • $80.00 Cats
  • $100 Dogs (Hawthorne Animal Hospital)
  • $130 Dogs (Alpine Animal Hospital)

Please note: Changes in fees do periodically occur. Please call the Bannock Humane Society at 208.232.0371 if you have questions.

John Dotson Memorial Certificate Program

Periodically, we offer a special reduced cost spay/neuter program provided through the John Dotson Memorial. Named after John Dotson, a benefactor, whose generous gift allows Bannock Humane Society to offer low cost spay / neuter services for dogs. Cost of a certificate for dogs is $50.00 per dog. Provides the spay / neuter, a health vaccination, and rabies shot to protect the health of your beloved pet and your family.

Under the John Dotson Memorial the fees are:

  • $50.00 per Dog

The Glenn Perkins Memorial Certificate Program

The Glenn Perkins Memorial Certificate Program is new in 2018 and provides a special reduced spay / neuter program for cats. Provided through the generosity of Glenn Perkins, the fee provides the spay / neuter, a health vaccination, and rabies shot to protect the health of your beloved cat and your family.

Under the Glenn Perkins Memorial the fees for cats are:

  • $35.00 per Cat

The Bannock Humane Society and our veterinarians strongly recommend you also elect immunizations be done to protect your animal. There will be extra charges for those shots when you take your pet in, unless you can provide proof your pet is current in terms of his or her shots. For a printable copy of the Glenn Perkins & John Dotson Memorial Program information please click here Dotson_Perkins_2018.